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O17 [Wu Yi Shan - Que She]

The appearance of the leaves also earned it its name, "Que She" meaning "sparrow's tongue" in Chinese.

O12 [Anxi "Huang Jin Gui"]

This is a type of oolong specific to the Anxi region of Fujian and one of the most famous in China.

O21 [Wu Yi Shan - Da Hong Pao Purple]

A very rare tea. The total area covered by trees of this variety does not exceed 1 hectare.

O20 [Wu Yi Shan - Da Hong Pao Classic]

A complex tea, produced entirely by hand and slowly smoked for many hours.

O19 [Wu Yi Shan - Wild Da Hong Pao]

Processed from "Da Hong Pao/Qi Dan" variety trees grown without human intervention, this tea is produced in just 40 kilograms.

O18 [Wu Yi Mi Xiang Shui Xian]

The tea is picked from tea trees of the Shui Xian variety, an ancestral variety stubbornly bred by the village elders.

O16 [Dan Cong - Mi Lan Xiang]

Dan Cong teas are some of the oldest teas in China (it has been made for over 900 years), and Mi Lan Xiang ("orchid honey") is the most famous of them.

O14 [Wu Yi Shan - Ai Jiao]

Ai Jiao, also called "Dwarf Oolong", is harvested in the southern Wu Yi Shan region.
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