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Ceaiuri & infuzii

Teas & infusions

Specialty teas are teas made from buds and whole leaves of tea trees (Camellia Sinensis or Camellia Taliensis), which come either from farms with tradition where the shrubs are grown with great care, or from wild tea trees, from precisely defined areas. Picked by hand, the leaves are then carefully processed, in small quantities, by traditional tea masters.

The teas in our offer are carefully selected (we select 10 teas from about 150 samples for tasting) and come mainly from small producers in Yunnan, China, the region with the richest tradition in tea processing.

Our offer changes periodically, depending on the harvest and the new teas discovered (discover the archive of teas and infusions HERE ), but you can always find representative teas from all tea families - white tea, green tea, black tea, pu er tea , oolong tea. The Kofi Ti range also includes theine-free infusions, from the pulp of the coffee cherry (cascara) from Latin America, to wild rose buds from China, to Sideritis Scardica (mountain tea) from northern Greece.

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