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V12 [Green Bi Lou Chun - Imperial Grade]

Harvested in early spring in the bud-first leaf style, this delicate green tea is hand-crafted into 'pearls'.

V15 [Mao Feng]

A reference for Yunnan green tea - large leaves, picked in early spring, dried in the sun, which give a vibrant, sweet and refreshing infusion.

V11 [Cui Ming]

The name of the tea, "Cui Ming" - "Emerald", is suggestive of the green-white-silver appearance of the leaves, similar to raw emerald.

V01 [Wu Lu Cha]

After harvesting the young leaves, they are subjected to a special process of drying in fresh air and by gentle heating, according to some traditions that come from the Ming Dynasty.

V02 [An Ji Bai Cha]

This tea, famous in China and favored by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty (1101-1125 AD), offers a jade-colored infusion.
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